Watch: Players In Delhi League Score Dubious Own Goals, Spark Match-Fixing Fears

A huge match-fixing row has been triggered in Indian football after videos of players scoring dubious own goals surfaced from the Delhi Football League. Ranjit Bajaj, owner of Indian football club Minerva Punjab and Delhi FC, urged authorities to take urgent action against corruption going on in the Delhi league. Bajaj himself shared the videos of the dubious own goals that were scored during the match between Ahbab FC and Rangers FC. In a sensational post on social media, Bajaj even claimed that the I-League is completely fixed.

Ahbab FC were leading 4-0 against Rangers FC when their players suddenly scored a couple of shocking own goals. The players started to pass the ball back to their goalkeeper in a bizarre manner, and out of nowhere, the ball went into their own net.

“I can guarantee that fixing is rampant in the @FootballDelhi senior premier division- that’s why we true to play In it ever again till they take action- I have been saying it again and again- the most corrupt league In the country – @ILeague_aiff is not behind – referees – team owners – five teams involved and all players know about it – no one cares – and guess who is the main partner of Delhi soccer association- a betting company @cbic_india @DelhiPolice @Delhi_FC

“I tweeted about this a month ago no one even contacted me – who will want to see this match – please make this go viral – this is actually the third division of our league,” Bajaj said in a post.

“I tweeted about it in January mid – no one did anything- again I have been proven right – can you believe they are not even trying to hide it now @FootballDelhi – these club owners are ruining the game – how the actual hell can we develop as a footballing nation- urgent action needed – please tag all relevant people- let’s get together and save our game before it’s too late,” Bajaj wrote in another tweet.

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