Neeraj Chopra Diet: What Does India’s ‘Golden Boy’ Eat To Keep Himself In Shape?

Neeraj Chopra looks to maintain a body fat percentage of around 10%, which is said to be perfect for javelin throw athletes. But, maintaining such a low body fat percentage isn’t the easiest. The athlete from Haryana strictly follows his diet regimen, which is high in fruits and protein. He makes sure to consume enough macronutrients that support muscle growth and maintain a healthy level of body fat percentage.

In an interview with ESPN, Neeraj revealed how he keeps himself in perfect shape. Neeraj starts his day with juice or coconut water. His breakfast remains light but quite healthy. The 25-year-old reportedly consumes three to four egg whites, two pieces of bread, a bowl of Dalia, and fruits.

When it comes to Lunch, Neeraj is said to consume curd and rice, along with pulses, grilled chicken, and salad. Between meals or when training, Neeraj likes to munch on dry fruits, particularly almonds and drinks fresh juice.

Dinner is a meal that Neeraj likes to keep light. It mostly comprises of soup, boiled vegetables, and fruits.

Protein remains quite an important element of food for athletes. For Neeraj, a part of protein also comes from supplements. It has also been reported that Neeraj was a strict vegetarian till 2016 but added non-vegetarian food to his diet to support his training later on. Recently, he also started to consume salmon fish.

“It’s supposed to be good for you. I’ve started eating it recently. If I have to eat non-vegetarian food, I’ll prefer having some grilled salmon,” he revealed.

While Neeraj likes to keep a strict regimen on his diet, he also keeps space for cheat meals in rare instances. Churma (a Haryanvi delicacy made of crushed roti, sugar, and ghee), sweets, and golgappas are some of the items he usually consumes as cheat meals.

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