“Carlos Alcaraz Is The Player To Beat On Clay”: Novak Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz might transcend Novak Djokovic in the rankings after the Italian Open.

The current world number one, Novak Djokovic, stated that Carlos Alcaraz, one of the primary contenders for the title at the French Open, is the one to beat in mud. Alcaraz is prepared to surpass Djokovic in the rankings following the Italian Open, despite a season marred by physical issues. He has won clay court titles in Madrid and Barcelona in a row.

Rafa Nadal, a 14-time champion at Roland Garros, has been dealing with a hip problem he had at the Australian Open in January. There are concerns that the Spaniard may not be able to play in the Paris Enormous homer. In Rome, 35-year-old Djokovic told reporters that Alcaraz should have been number one. He will be the best paying little mind to what comes next after this resistance. Naturally,” he continued.

He has been playing phenomenal tennis at a remarkable high level. On this surface, he is without a doubt the player to beat. “Nadal’s support in the French Open is clearly a variable. Alcaraz, on the other hand, is without a doubt one of the favorites.”

“Djokovic said he expected to reignite his resistance with U.S. Open manager Alcaraz with a typical proceed to party on the cards in Rome,” said Djokovic, who escaped the hardcourt swing in the United States because he was not vaccinated against the Coronavirus. “We only played each other once before, and that was last year in Madrid,” Djokovic stated. He lost in three sets in that match. “We would fight each other in the final if we get an open door. It stands to reason that we’d both love to play in the final.

The 22-time Huge homerun champion, who will face Tomas Martin Etcheverry later on Friday, said he didn’t like his right elbow, which prevented him from going to Madrid. All is well. There are a few significant aspects of each situation that are currently causing you irritation. “It’s generally expected,” Djokovic stated. “I guess that you experience that more than you did when you were 25. Recovery takes a little bit longer.

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